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  1. The Distance - Mariah Carey (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  2. Pretend - CNCO
  3. By The River - Klingande & Jamie N Commons
  4. Style - Foster The People
  5. Life Sucks - Jolin Tsai

  1. Premium Cinderella Magic(1Round)
  2. Nickname Changer(1Round)
  3. High Waist Training Short Pants - Black(Unlimited)
  4. Brimful Long Hair (F)(Unlimited)
  5. Pink Diamond Couple Ring(1Round)
  6. Love Magician Pose(Unlimited)
  7. [Custom] Lunatic Love Couple Ring Package(1Round)
  8. Off Shoulder Lace Bikini Top - Pink(Unlimited)
  9. Sweet Sexy Pose(Unlimited)
  10. White X Conclude Ball Cap(Unlimited)

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